Cloud Privacy and Security

Profs. Adam J. Aviv, Seung Geol Choi, Travis Mayberry, Daniel S. Roche
United States Naval Academy

Research Goals

The goal of this research is to build practical privacy and security enhancing applications for cloud services that leverage recent advances in secure cloud storage. In particular, we focuses on oblivious and private data retrieval methods and other privacy preserving cloud storage techniques that ensure that access patterns to remotely stored data, in addition to the contents, are protected. Notably, we have made significant impacts on Oblivious RAM technology (ORAM) that aim to enable data storage and retrieval while hiding the both contents and access patterns.



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Additional Researchers

Additional participants include:

  • Jonathan Katz, external collaborator
  • Dominique Shroeder, external collaborator
  • Arkady Yerukhimovich, external collaborator
  • Hong Sheng Zhou, external collaborator
  • Radu Sion, external collaborator
  • Jean-Guillaume Dumas (U. Grenoble Alpes), external collaborator
  • Pierre Karpman (U. Grenoble Alpes), external collaborator
  • Anrin Chankraborti, graduate student
  • Dan Johnston, undergraduate student
  • Hannah Urbaszewski, undergraduate student
  • Brandon Sipes, undergraduate student