IC211: Lab 5

This lab will be done in teams. You will each work on part of the lab separately creating your own class, and then I will give you a main that will use both classes. If you do it properly, the two classes should fit together seamlessly.

The project is to create a miniature version of the MIDS database. In this version there are two kinds of objects: students and courses.

Courses have a department (a 2 character code), a number, and a name (e.g. "Object Oriented Programming"). They have a meeting time, which is an instance of a MeetingTime object. I will give you a the MeetingTime class. Each course has an array of students that are in the class. Finally, there is a maximum number of students in a course. This is the same for all courses.

Students have a name and an alpha code. There is a minimum number of courses they must be enrolled in, which is the same for all students. They also have an array of classes they are taking.

There is the javadoc for the classes here. We provide the Code for the meeting time class here so you can use it in your project. You will:

  1. Decide who does what.
  2. Split up and each work on your own class.
  3. Implement all the methods described in the javadoc.
  4. Implement a main() in your class so you can test them all
  5. When you are done, inform your instructor. You will be given a new main that uses these classes.
  6. Hope it works...
You can test your program with this provisional Main here. To use it you will need this text file as well. Do not run inside netbeans, but do it from the command line. If you click the clean-and-build button, it will tell you how to run the program from the command line: To run this application from the command line without Ant, try: java -jar "/home/crabbe/NetBeansProjects/Mids/dist/Mids.jar" So to test my program, I change to the directory where the test.txt file is and type:
java -jar "/home/crabbe/NetBeansProjects/Mids/dist/Mids.jar" < test.txt