Frederick L. Crabbe IV

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  • Programming by Demonstration/Social Learning in robots.
  • Optimal behavior in animals as it applies to robot controllers.
  • Factoring large numbers with continued fractions.
  • My dissertation was DiscoTech, an Animats/Neural Networks project which attempts to get neural-net controlled simulated robotic agents to perform construction tasks.
  • I have worked for Sun Microsystems, on the SpeechActs project.

  • Education


    Other Research Experience

    Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Burlington, MA  Summers 95,96,97
      Developed discourse models for spoken natural language system: SpeechActs
    Rome Labs, US Airforce, Rome, NY  Summer 94.
      Investigated self-organization techniques for words using context in large corpora.
    Los Alamos National Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM.  Summer 93.
      Used Kohonen networks to analyze articulatory speech data for speech guesture recognition.