Title:Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC): Testing and Implications on IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
Authors:Domagalski, Joshua E.
Serial Number:2008-02
Publication Date:8-27-2008
Abstract:The goals we established from the onset of the research study were threefold: 1)to test and analyze the implementation of IPSec over an IPv4 network, 2) to test and analyze the implementation of IPSec over an IPv6 network, and 3) to test and analyze the implementation of IPSec over an IPv4/IPv6 network. These were to be tested using common, current operating systems to include Windows XP SP2 and SUSE 10.3 Linux. Of particular interest, we noted that IPSec poses many problems with Network Address Translation and in handling the incompatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 packets (due to differences in the two protocol•s packet headers). In addition, we found that it is vital to understand the theory, implementation, and application of IPSec for the purposes of authentication and encryption.By the conclusion of the study, we were able to create a fully functional IPv4 protocol that implemented IPSec for file transfers and ICMP packets. Although we attempted to implement IPSec on an IPv6 network, we found that neither Windows XP Service Pack 2 nor Novell•s SUSE 10.3 fully support IPSec on IPv6 networks. In addition, many of the limitations that hinder the implementation of IPSec are not caused by faults in the protocol itself, but rather by problems with the applications utilizing the protocol.
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