Title:Initial Report of the Dean's Cyber Warfare Ad Hoc Committee
Authors:Needham, Donald M, Vincent, Patrick J
Serial Number:2011-02
Publication Date:12-22-2011
Abstract:The Department of Defense has substantially increased the emphasis and investment being made to better position the military to operate effectively in a cyber warfare environment. Among the more notable recent developments have been the establishment of a new Cyber Warfare Command (USCYBERCOM) at Fort Meade, the establishment of a new Navy Fleet Cyber Command, as well as the reorganization of the OPNAV staff, merging N2 and N6 into a new information-warfare-centric organization. In reaching its findings, the Cyber Warfare ad hoc Committee analyzed how our sister service academies and civilian undergraduate institutions incorporate cyber warfare concepts into their curricula. The Committee also examined what educations and skills various graduate institutions consider necessary preparation for entry into cyber warfare related curricula at their institutions. The OPNAV and CMC staffs were asked for their perspectives on the education and training that our graduates should receive in order to help the Navy and Marine Corps in this area. This report presents the Committee's results.
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