Homework 1


Unless otherwise specified by your instructor,

all homework in IC210 is due by the START of the next class period.


Install the following software for IC210 on your PC:


1. READ the course policy (see handout or course web page).


2. Visual Studio 6.0 (C++ compiler): Go to the Information Resource Center (IRC) in Ward Hall (room G1, open Monday through Friday 0700 1630) and get the Visual Studio installation disks for installation on your PC.  You'll need to take 4 blank CDs with you to the IRC to trade for the pre-recorded Visual Studio disks. USNA has a site license for Visual Studio 6.0, so you are NOT free to install Visual Studio 6.0 using these disks anywhere other than your own PC.


3. RAPTOR Flowchart Interpreter: Go to http://raptor.martincarlisle.com and download RAPTOR version 3.8 to your PC. RAPTOR is free, courtesy of our comrades in arms at the Air Force Academys CS Dept. Note that you will need to install NET Framework 2.0 first before installing RAPTOR. See the above web address for details.


What to turn in: Nothing, just get the software installed.