Homework  10

Write a program that reads in two fractions from the user and prints out the sum of the two numbers in lowest terms. Recall (from grade school!) that

n1    n2     n1 d2 + n2 d1
-- +  --  =  -------------
d1    d2         d1 d2

and that to reduce a fraction to lowest terms you divide the numerator n and the denominator d by the greatest common divisor of n and d. Of course, in the lecture notes we discuss greatest common divisor! A run of your program should look something like this:

Enter a fraction addition problem: 15/28 + 7/32
15/28 + 7/32 = 169/224

Turn In a printout of your code, along with a screen capture of your program running on input 15/28 + 7/32.