IC210 Fall 2009

6-Week Exam Topics

Below is an outline of the main topics covered so far in the course. It may help you in organizing your studies for the 6-Week Exam.

· Types and Expressions, including int, double, char, bool and string; binary numbers and ASCII, implicit and explicit conversion, expressions and their types and values, operators and their meanings for different types, precedence and associativity; variable declaration and assignment, declaration with initialization; ++ and --.

· Control structures, including blocks, variable scope, boolean expressions, relational operators, and

o        if and else and if-else

o        while loops

o        for loops

· I/O cin, cout and endl; role of types in cin/cout behaviour; testing cin and cout in conditions; input from and output to files.

· Problem Solving ... this is kind of the big one. You need to be able to reason about types, control structures, etc. and use them to solve problems.

You will probably not be asked to write complete programs on the Written Exam, but fragments of code that accomplish certain tasks are fair game. You will be asked to write complete programs on the Practicum exam. The most important thing is to thoroughly review the lecture notes, homeworks, and labs, and PRACTICE solving problems (it’s easy to convince yourself that you know it when you’re looking at the notes – but the real test is when you need to solve a new problem).. You will be provided with a copy of the ASCII table (if needed) and operator precedence/associativity tables, so don't worry about having to memorize them. 

Written exam: Closed book. Given during class on Wednesday 30 September, 2009.


Practicum exam: Given during your regularly scheduled lab period on Thursday, 1 October. As per the course policy, you may only use your notes, the official class notes from the course webpage, or your textbook for the practicum, and you may not receive help from anyone.


Note that both the Written and Practicum exams will be multi-section exams and that in accordance with USNAINST 1531.53A you may NOT communicate anything about these exams with anyone using any medium until your instructor tells you that you can.


Here is a Sample Written Exam   (and solutions – but try the exam before you look!)


Here is a Sample Practicum Problems