Homework 2

The purpose of this homework is to ensure you have installed Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Do not worry if you do not understand everything you are typing it will be explained as the course progresses.  This assignment is designed to be completed after Lab 1.

For this assignment:

1.      Complete steps 1-5 of lab 1.

2.      In place of step 6 copy the following code:

#include <iostream>


int main () {


            std::cout << "Midn YOURNAMEHERE YOURALPHAHERE installed express 2005 correctly!" << std::endl;


                        return 0;



  1. Enter your name and alpha at the appropriate points in the code.
  2. Complete steps 7 – 10 of lab 1.
  3. Print out a screen shot of your program running and turn it in to your instructor at the beginning of class on Friday.


Obtaining a Screen Shot:


1.      Click anywhere on the display containing program output.

2.    Press Alt-printscreen to “capture the screen shot”

3.    Open microsoft paint start -> all programs -> accessories -> paint

4.    Paste the image into paint by selecting edit -> paste

5.    Print the image by selecting file -> print