After you do the hard work of properly formatting your program, you must print it in a way that gets you the credit (i.e., shows proper indentation). Below are a couple options:

  1. From Visual Studio: Unfortunately, File->Print doesn't work too well. You can use Ctrl-PrintScreen -- but make sure you can see your whole program! If that's not possible, pick a different option.
  2. From MS Word: Copy and paste your code into Word. Set the font to "Courier". Unfortunately, this might not work well, because Visual Studio will insert some "tabs" for indentation, and the tab width may not match in all places. You can fix this in Visual C++ Express, by picking Tools->Options, then click on "Text Editor" -> "C/C++" -> "Tabs". Make sure the tab size and indent size are "4", and select "Insert spaces." Doing this is recommended to simplify the future, but won't fix the tabs for a program you've already written.
  3. (Recommended) Download Crimson Editor. Open your file and print with this.
    Shouldn't be necessary, but if this doesn't look right set the tab size (Tools->Preferences) to whatever it is under Visual Studio (see above, but probably at 4).

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