IC210 Homework #1

Unless otherwise specified by your instructor, all homework in IC210 is due by the START of the next class period.

  1. Read the course policy (see handout or course web page).
  2. Install "putty" on your Bancroft PC (find the link for this in the Resources section of the course website).
  3. Run putty, and use it to login into one of the 316 lab machines (we will use these, or similar ones in room 302, during the lab period). For the name of the machine, using something like mich316csdXXu.academy.usna.edu, but replace the XX with a two-digit number from the set {01, 02, 03, .... , 20}. Use your regular NADN username (e.g., mXXXXXX where XXXXXX is your alpha) and your normal NADN password.
  4. Once you have logged in, type the following two commands:
    This will output your username, and some information about the machine you are logged into.
  5. Take a screenshot that shows the output of what you just did and print it. Do this:
    1. Reduce the size of the "putty" window so that it just shows the commands you typed in (this will save on printing ink).
    2. Click anywhere inside the "putty" window to select it.
    3. On Windows you can take a screenshot by pressing Alt-PrtScrn (e.g. hold down Alt and press the key that says PrtScrn or PrintScreen. This should take a screenshot of just the current window).
    4. Then start Microsoft Word, paste the screenshot, and print the result.
  6. Turn in this screenshot at the next class period.
  7. NOTE: if you get stuck, try to find someone who can help you, but don't spend hours on this. If you can't fix the problem, it is okay for this initial homework to turn in a description of the problems you ran into, then seek further help from your instructor.

Hey, what if I find a problem???

We check all the homeworks and labs, but occasionally things happen, machines get upgraded, etc. -- and something we give you might not work. If you ever find something wrong (file missing? broken link? command doesn't work?) please email your instructor right away so we can try to help. Even if you figure out a work-around, please email us so we know about the problem and can try to save other students the difficulty.