Homework 2

The purpose of this homework is to ensure you have installed VMWare correctly. Do not worry if you do not understand everything you are typing it will be explained as the course progresses.  This assignment is designed to be completed after Lab 1.

For this assignment:

1.     First you need to get VMWare Player working.  Follow these instructions to get VMware set up.

  1. Now we will use VMWare Player:

1.     Under Part 2 of lab 1, complete steps 1-7.

2.     In place of step 3 copy the following code:

#include <iostream>


int main () {


            std::cout << "Midn YOURNAMEHERE YOURALPHAHERE installed VMWare correctly!" << std::endl;


                        return 0;



    1. Enter your name and alpha at the appropriate points in the code.
    2. Complete the steps to compile, link, and run your code.
    3. Take a screenshot of your program running, print it, and turn it in to your instructor at the beginning of the next lecture period (help on a screenshot is below). You can print just the “Terminal” that shows the output of your program running (it doesn't have to show the whole VMWare window); see these suggestions on screenshots and printing.