Homework 31

Complete the following program (or write your own from scratch if you prefer) that reads in 5 cards (as in a hand of playing cards) and writes them out sorted by suit (first clubs, then diamonds, then hearts, then spades) and, within a group of cards of the same suit, by face value (ace high). A typical run of your program might look like this:


Enter cards: 9C QD AC 7C 10D
Cards sorted: 7C 9C AC 10D QD 

You’ll need to

1.      create a struct to represent a Card as having fields for a char giving the suit (C, D, H, S) and an int giving the face value (where 11 means jack, 12 means queen, 13 means king, and 14 means ace),  

2.      provide the print function which prints out the sorted cards, and

3.      provide the before function which is used by the selectionSort function.  


Turn in: A paper copy of your source code and a screen capture of your program running on the above input.

// DMN

// Hmwk 31

// This program reads in 5 cards (9C, QD, etc) and writes them out sorted by suits

// (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, and then within a group of cards of the

// same suit by face value (lowest to highest, with ace being high).


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;



// prototypes


void selectionSort(Card*, int);

void fetchCards(Card*,int);


int main(){

    Card* deck = new Card[5];

    fetchCards(deck, 5);



    delete [] deck;  // deallocate dynamic memory

    deck = NULL;     // defensive programming

    return 0;



void fetchCards(Card* deck,int N){

    char temp;

    cout << "Enter Cards: ";

    for(int i=0;i<N;i++){

        cin >> temp;


        // Deal with the 10, have to read another char

        if (temp == '1')

            cin >> temp;

        cin >> deck[i].suit;


        // Just in case the user entered the suit in lower case.

        deck[i].suit = toupper(deck[i].suit);

        switch (temp){

            case 'J':

            case 'j': deck[i].face=11;  // jack


            case 'Q':

            case 'q': deck[i].face=12;  // queen


            case 'K':

            case 'k': deck[i].face=13;  // king


            case 'A':

            case 'a': deck[i].face=14;  // ace


            case '0': deck[i].face=10; // The face was a 10


            default: deck[i].face = temp - '0';






void selectionSort(Card *arrayIn, int N){

    for(int length = N; length > 1; length--){

        // Find imax, the index of the largest

        int imax = 0, i;

        for(i = 1; i < length; i++)

            if (before(arrayIn[imax],arrayIn[i]))

                imax = i;

        // Swap arrayIn[imax] & the last element

        Card temp = arrayIn[imax];

        arrayIn[imax] = arrayIn[length - 1];

        arrayIn[length - 1] = temp;





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