Homework 33

Answer the following questions according to Copyright Law as applied to online materials.

1.     On some other schoolís website, you find the online notes for a course similar to IC210. They are publically available on that website, and you find them helpful. Can you legally download these notes and then bundle them into a pseudo-textbook for your own personal use?

2.     Can you make multiple copies of the pseudo-textbook described in 1 above at Kinkos and then sell these copies on e-bay?

3.     Would your answer to 2 change if you didnít charge folks money for the copies?


Turn in: For each question, state up front either yes you can, or no you canít do this.Follow your yes or no response with a few sentences supporting your position on each scenario.Be sure to draw from (and cite) the classroom ethics discussion and online course notes (slides) for your responses to each question as appropriate.