After you do the hard work of properly formatting your program, you must print it in a way that gets you the credit (i.e., shows proper indentation). Below are a couple options.

Printing screenshots

  1. First, you need to take a screenshot inside VMWare:
    1. Click on the Terminal window that shows your program's output. Click and drag the window to resize it so that is shows just the important parts (making this smaller will save on ink).
    2. Click in the middle of the Terminal window. Press the Alt-PrintScreen key combination and wait (it may take a few seconds).
    3. A dialog window for "Save screenshot" should appear. Enter a descriptive filename, make note of what folder it will saved in (default is probably "Pictures" in your home folder"), then click "Save".
  2. Next, you will print the screenshot:
    1. Click on the "Home folder" icon in the Launchbar at left. Navigate to the Pictures folder (or wherever you saved the picture).
    2. Double click on the screenshot file that you just made. This will open an image viewer; press Ctrl-P to print.
    3. If you can't print from inside VMWare, then copy the file to Windows by (a) drag-and-drop from VMWare to your Windows desktop, or (b) email the file to yourself. Then print from inside Windows.

Printing source code

  1. If VMWare is set up well, you should be able to simply print from inside gedit or emacs (and the printers normally accessible to your Windows machine should be there). This is the simplest method.
  2. If you can't print from VMware, copy the file to your Windows machine (if you exit full screen mode from VMWare, you should be able to drag and drop the file from VMWare onto your Windows desktop) or email it to yourself and retrieve in windows. Then you need a good text editor for printing (simple things like "Notepad" likely won't handle long lines well). Install and use "Notepad++" or Crimson Editor to print.
  3. However, you print, make sure that (a) long lines are not truncated (cut off) and (b) that all indentation of your program shows up properly (though it is okay if some long lines wrap around a little strangely, as long as they are not cut off and the other indentation is okay).

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