Homework 9


1.    Read the Project 1 write-up (online by end of day Friday, if not sooner)

2.    Carefully read CS dept instruction 1531,1D “Policy Concerning Programming Projects

3.    Take the Blackboard Honor quiz (about the instruction you just read).  Log into Blackboard, click on “COMPSCIDEPTINST1531” under “My Organizations”, then select “Documents”, then QUIZ: COMPSCIDEPTINST1531.1 Policy Concerning Programming Projects

a.     You can take the quiz as many times as necessary.

b.    For this weekend, you homework is to take the quiz at least once.  We suggest retaking until you score 100%, but not strictly required at this time.

c.     By the end of Thursday Sep. 13, you must have earned 100% on this quiz.

d.    There is nothing to turn in during class for this homework.

4.    Remember on labs:  if not finished during lab time, you must complete the required portions of the lab and email to your instructor.  Deadline is COB on Friday – which technically means you have until before your instructor arrives on Monday to send this email.  Send your code and a screenshot of the working final program.