IC220 - Computer Architecture and Organization - Spring 2020

Instructor Phone Email Office hours
Prof. Luke McDowell
3-6802 lmcdowel@usna.edu Stop in anytime, or email for an appointment to be assured of availability (call if desired appointment is within next few hours). Research day is Friday.
Assoc Prof Dan Roche 3-6814 roche@usna.edu EI info

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Instructions for submitting "Practice Exercises" prior to Online Meetings

  1. Complete the given practice exercise (see link on calendar) in one of two ways:
    1. Print the exercises, write out your answers, then scan all of the pages into a SINGLE pdf file.
    2. Or, annotate the given PDF file digitally in some way (that will still be visible when you submit it!).
  2. Ensure that you combine multiple pages into a SINGLE pdf file
  3. Ensure that all pages are LEGIBLE and and have the correct ORIENTATION (top-side up).
  4. Pages that are unclear, upside-down, or rotated 90 degrees will receive, at most, 50% credit
  5. Go to https://submit.moboard.com/ and find the relevant assignment. For instance, for Set6_Exercises, find the assignment named "set6exercises". Upload your single PDF file there.
  6. Note that this site is NOT the same as submit.cs.usna.edu -- do NOT use submit.cs.usna.edu, even if you are at USNA

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