What to do if you think that the web server is giving you an old (cached) version of your page?

NOTE: for almost all labs, you should be able to continue working even if for some reason the web server appears to give you an old version of your page (which it shouldn't but just in case...).

First follow these steps to see if you can get the browser to show the new content from the web server:

  1. Check that your updated file really is saved, e.g. in Crimson Editor.
  2. Hit Reload/Refresh (F5) on your browser.
  3. Ensure that the browser really isn't seeing your changes -- look at the "last modified date" at the bottom of the page. AND use "View Source" from the browser menu to verify that you don't see the changed HTML.
  4. Look carefully at the address bar. Is the browser looking for the wrong file or in the directory for the wrong lab? Compare names and directories with what you see at the top of the window in Crimson Editor.
  5. Close your browser and try again.
  6. Try again with a different browser.

If none of the above works, you can still complete your lab in most cases:

PLEASE email your instructor about the problem. List exactly the steps above that you took. This will help us to diagnose the problem.

Then follow these steps:

  1. To see your updated files, use "File -> Open" from your browser and browse to your W: drive to get the file. All your images, CSS, and links should still work -- unless you neglected to use relative links! (if so, change them now)
  2. Validation is the only thing that is different. You can't click directly on the logo to validate -- instead, go to the validator home page and select "File Upload". Browse to your W: drive and validate your files there.

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