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Groups will be 2 or 3 people, depending on class size. You may petition to be a group of 1, but this may not be accommodated. You can submit a preference for your group partner(s), but final assignments will be made by the instructor. Partners will not necessarily receive the same grade. Topic and date assignments will be based on a lottery.

General requirements:

  1. Each group will be responsible for a single class period, to be assigned. You may choose to meet in the lecture room or the lab.
  2. You must fill the entire 50 minute class period with content.
  3. Strive to help the class learn a useful skill. This implies the ability to do something, not just background knowledge. Getting the class active with some kind of exercise(s) or activity is highly encouraged.
  4. Interesting Handout: You must provide the class with at least one interesting handout. For instance, summary notes, partial notes, and/or exercises. If you use Powerpoint, you may find it helpful to print out copies of your slides for the students, but this does NOT count as your handout. The handout should be designed by you, not mostly a copy of something you find.
  5. Due March 20: You are required to submit an outline of your presentation. The outline should be 5 rough slides (one for each 10 minutes of your presentation) with bullets describing the contents of that section in your presentation. It doesn't have to be detailed, but should clearly show that you have a plan. You should state what remains to be researched and learned by your group.
  6. Due One Week Before Presentation: You are required to submit your complete lesson plan (including all materials such as your handout and any slides) to the instructor by 1200 on the day that is one week before your actual presentation (unless you are told an earlier date applies). This should be detailed and completely ready to go. This means it should include all materials that you will need, as well as a description explaining how you will use them. Feedback on the lesson plan will be provided.
  7. Due 24 hours before Presentation: You must practice your complete presentation, using the actual room and computer to be used for the real presentation, at least 24 hours prior to the actual presentation. Then PROMPTLY email the instructor stating when you did your practice, and what problems if any you encountered. You will recieve credit for this only if your email is sent within 4 hours of the time when you practiced -- so send it right away.
  8. References to textbook chapters are given for some topics, but you should consult many other sources for more detail and more up to date information.
  9. This project will require a lot of your time, and count for a big chunk of your grade. Pick something you are really interested in, and want to invest time in!
  10. Part of your grade will depend upon the class's assessment of your presentation, submitted via the oral presentation rubric.
  11. Grading:

Suggested topics

Only one group may do each topic, so you may not get your first choice. Final choices must be approved by the instructor.

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