Homework 13


Write a program that uses nested for loops to generate an inverted right triangle with n asterisks (where n is in the range 1...20) such that the first row has one asterisk; the second has two, and so on.  You MAY assume that the user enters an integer, but you must test the users input to make sure that the n entered is in the range (1..20) and use a loop to continue prompting for valid input before completing the program.  Right-align the asterisks on each row such as shown in the following run.  Write ALL output produced by your program BOTH to the screen and to a file called hw13.txt.  You might find this program, which creates a non-inverted right triangle of right aligned asterisks, to be helpful. Notice though that this problem does NOT check that num_rows is valid, which you must do.

*** Sample run ***

How many rows (1-20)? -3

        *** OUT OF RANGE!

How many rows (1-20)? 22

        *** OUT OF RANGE!

How many rows (1-20)? 5








As you write this program, try to make use of the process of stepwise refinement that we discussed in lecture.

Turn In a printout of your program and a screen capture showing it run with user inputting -8, then -3, then 10 at the input prompts, as well as a copy of your hw13.txt output file.