SI204: schedule changes for McDowell section

Note that the calendar shows precise dates for the other section. This is mostly correct for our section except for the following changes:

  1. Where the calendar shows a class Monday, we have class Tuesday
  2. Thurs Feb 19: We cover class 16 (do HW 16 afterwards)
  3. Tues Feb 23: HW 16 is due. Class 17 will be covered in lecture (do HW 17 afterwards).
  4. Wed Feb 24: NO CLASS (HW 17 not due until Friday)
  5. Thurs Feb 25: Lab as usual. Don't forget the pre-lab.
  6. Fri Feb 26: HW 17 is due. Starting on this day we are in-sync with the other section (and calendar), aside from the usual Monday/Tuesday flip-flop.

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