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Functional Programming & Scheme

Labs and Tutorials
I've put all the Scheme & Functional programming notes from this course in one place here so that it's easier for you to go back and review.

Online Language References
Here are some online resources to scheme and programming in scheme:

Scheme Interpreters
We'll use drscheme, which is freely available for Unix, PCs, Macs, etc. I find guile kind of intriguing. It's a scheme interpreter designed to be easy to embed in a C/C++ program, and easy tie in as a macro language for your C/C++ program. It's part of the gnu suite, and comes standard with most Unix distros. Finally, how about LispMe, a scheme interpreter that runs under PalmOS. I've got it running on my Palm T3 right now. Who needs a calculator program when you've got a scheme interpreter!

Christopher W Brown
Last modified: Fri Sep 5 16:09:57 EDT 2008