Readings on Web Design

Web Design

Instructions: Read and consider the three articles described below, answer the questions given, and submit your answers using this week's Blackboard 9.1 quiz. We recommend that you first write your answers in a separate text file, then paste them into Blackboard when you are finished.

The Blackboard quiz has no time limit and you can submit it more than once if something goes wrong. You must complete the quiz before class starts on Wednesday

  • Read Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design.
    Quiz question: Using your own words, summarize in 1-2 sentences the one web design mistake discussed in this article that you find most annoying or see most often.
  • Read Usability 101: Introduction to Usability.
    Quiz question: Using your own words, summarize in 1-2 sentences what you found to be the most important idea in this article.
  • Edward Tufte has some very interesting ideas on graphical design in general. Some of his ideas are discussed on the web, but I highly recommend his books. For now, read this article describing his thoughts on web design (at a minimum, read until the comments from other users start).
    Quiz question: Some of Tufte's principles contradict other things you have just read. Consider these principles, and take a look at Edward Tufte's web site to get a feel for a design that embodies them. In a few sentences describe why you think his ideas work (or why you think they do not).