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Print this homework sheet, bring it to the class, and turn it in right before the next lecture starts.

  1. (100 pts) Install VMPlayer
    1. Go to LCDR Kenny's software page and download the file linked as Computer Science (IC210) LiveCD (which will download as IC210-LiveCD.iso).
    2. Follow Steps 1-20 only from the instructions for installing VM Player there to download and install VMware Workstation Player.
      Note: The instruction is outdated a little. The software you should download is VMware Workstation Player.
    3. Follow the instructions for installing VM in VMware Player. These directions will create a Virtual Machine (VM) image on your computer from the .iso file. This VM image will live on your Windows laptop, and you will be able to run it whenever you need a Unix machine to work on.
      Note: You may run into an error message complaining about the virtualization setting as the right picture:

      You can fix this problem as follows:

      • If you have a DELL laptop:
      • If you have a HP EliteBook:

        You should basically do the same: enable the virtualization. This YouTube video may help. The video deals with a slightly different version, so you need to follow the instructions below to change the BIOS setting correctly:

        1. Restart your laptop, right after which press F10 to enter the BIOS setup, before starting Windows.
        2. Go to "Advanced", and then "System Options".
        3. Enable virtualization techniques (see the picture below):

    4. Important: A few tips for using your VM:
      • ctrl-alt-esc gets you back your cursor if its "stuck" in the VM
      • ctrl-alt-enter toggles back and forth between fullscreen mode
    5. Show your VM to a fellow midshipmen who is currently taking this course. Get a signature from him or her certifying that your VM is correctly installed.

      Name: __________________________________ Date: _____________________ Signature: _____________________

      Note that you will get the full credit only if you get a signature. You will get 0 point if you don't have a signature.