VM Setup

Virtual Machines

You will do much of your work for this class in a Linux virtual machine installed on your laptop. It's important that you get this working and become comfortable with the tools there.


  1. Download the livecd ISO.

    The LiveCD image we will use is the same as IC210 from last semester, as prepared by LCDR Kenney. Download the file and save it somewhere on your Windows laptop. It's a big file, so the download might take a little while. In the meantime, you can...

  2. Download and install VMWare Player.

    This is the software that will run on your laptop to "host" the virtual machine (VM) that you are downloading in step 1. VMWare Player is freely available for educational use from this website. Download the version for your laptop (most likely 64-bit Windows), and then follow through with the install like any other Windows software (if you're asked to enter a license key, leave it blank).

    LCDR Kenney has some instructions from an earlier version that might be helpful if you get stuck here.

  3. Create your VM inside VMWare player.

    Once the ISO is downloaded and VMWare player is installed, follow these instructions from LCDR Kenney's page on how to do that.


    • You must use the same username as your regular USNA username when installing Linix inside the VM, like m190000.
    • You can use any password you like. It doesn't have to match your USNA password, and in fact it's totally independent from it.