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Example :) Tweets

Never fails it always plays :))

I want come chicken noodle soup and a tropical smoothie :)

@IndraJPiliang broo hadir tgl 13 mei jam 18.30 di newseum ya....kita launching BLUE Lifestyle Magz....:))

#ImThatPersonWho loves seeing everybody happy :)

:) RT @supreme_court24: Super excited to be mega obnoxious with @AsiyaFKhan and @theresamarie_21 tomorrow in physics. #ohwait #thatseveryday

RT @enichxle123: @_JayFeeZee_ hahaha noooo you wasnt! & if you was it was bc I caught behind a car -______- but yes we had a good day:)

@EasyThereJewelz bet DM your number ill text you 2m so you can slide by :)

@imageek_nerdIK yay :) ok thanks

@Littleshyster good job girl :)

Rode mountain bikes with tk. Good way to get my mind off of things. On the plus side I get to ride this weekend:)

RT @1D_Is_Flawless_: Nialler:)

S|O to all my big little bebes graduating from Clinton this year! I'm so proud of ya'll :)

Now that's love. :)

Dear shaving companies: stop shaving hairless legs on ur commercials, if u want to really impress me shave a gorilla :)

Singing in Waffle House with @Bbyhlton :)

Example :( Tweets

RT @cheer420: Hate this mood I get into every night :( ...

Saying bye to some great friends you've made in college sucks! :( I'm gonna miss them like crazy. :(

@michaelabreanna OMG lol when i try looking for them claires, HT & etc never has em :( thanks !

@coco92clm I need to tan; I have to order senior pics too :(

Ripped my pants today.. :(

@DShiroma8 getting the annoyong cough back :( feel bad for my roommate but theres no couch here lol #helpless

I wanted Juliet to win :(

@issauycalixto I can't see, I wanna see huhu :(:(

RT @MarissaDolinar: Ew I hate that I bite on the side of my cheek :(

RT @brenduhhrr: @iKajany i'm too distracted :( I'LL STILL VISIT YOURS THO

@ShortnSweet1990 you never called me and tried to do laundry smh. :(

Gahdamn don't NOBODY show me no attention :(

of course it stops raining when i'm ready to go to bed :((

I want perfect thighs wah:(

I need a smaller curling iron! My hair doesn't have enough texture for big barrel curls :(

@heyzeus_13 I didn't think I would :( but this last practice made me realize how much I'm gonna miss it too :'(

I miss you too!!! it's boring in the spring I haven't been laughin like I used to :(

Chelsey fell asleep on me. :(

what I wouldn't give right now to be watching the most amazing show ever made #ShapingSound :( wah wish I was there!!!