Weekly Research Summary


A weekly status report, due to me by 2200 every Sunday evening via e-mail.  Status report should be roughly 1-2 single spaced pages in length and must include the following sections:



1. Accomplishments:


A review of what you accomplished the previous week including problems you encountered, how you overcame them, and whether you accomplished all you set out to do that week.  For each item accomplished, indicate what steps you took to accomplish the problem as well as the amount of time productively spent on the task.



2. Sticky Points:


A discussion of what problems you encountered the previous week that you have not yet overcome.  Include a plan of how you anticipate overcoming the problems encountered. For each problem encountered that you have not yet overcome, indicate what you did to attempt to overcome the problem, and the amount of time productively spent trying to overcome the problem over the last week.



3. Coming Week's Plan:


A plan for how you expect to spend the coming week. What specific things you are going to focus on, and what you expect to need to do to accomplish them.



4. Problem Areas:


In a table format, identify problems you have encountered.  Suggest proposed solutions, resources you have checked, approaches you have taken to resolve the problem.



Proposed Solution(s)