Welcome to IT360!

Want to know how to manage data? How to make sense of the ever increasing amounts of information?

This course is here to answer those questions and many more. We will focus on how to build and employ relational databases and also develop web applications that rely on such databases. The course is divided into four areas:

After the course, you should be able to design and implement effective databases for storing store complex data, understand how to interface with backend databases via SQL (a Structured Query Language for working with relational databases), and provide a secure web interface for your applications.

Expect weekly labs and quizzes, with one large group project; culminating in a presentation at the end of the semester. Take a look at the course policy to understand grading at the end of each grading period (6wk, 12wk, and the final). The course calendar has been populated for the entire semester.

Course Instructor

LT Andrew Pfau
Hopper 443