Class 6: Efficiency in Scheme


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Supplemental Reading

These short, optional readings may help clarify some topics covered in lecture.



Submit your solutions to the following exercises electronically in a file called ex.scm contained in a folder called class06.

Four function definitions are given below. Re-write each of these functions so that they are tail-recursive. Your new functions should have the exact same signature as those below (same name, same arguments). So you will have to write helper functions to do the tail recursion.

  1. ; Computes n!
    (define (fact n)
      (apply * (range 1 n)))

  2. ; Adds the sum of squares of the numbers in L
    (define (ssql L)
      (apply + (map sqr L)))

  3. (Note: we saw another solution to this problem in class using let.)

    ; Gets the largest number in a list
    (define (maxl L)
      (if (null? (cdr L))
          (car L)
          (max (car L) (maxl (cdr L)))))

  4. ; Produces a list of numbers from a to b
    (define (range a b) 
      (if (> a b) 
          (cons a (range (+ a 1) b))))