SI 413 Fall 2011
Lab 3
Features file

%%Feature A
Here are the details for how feature A works in my program.
This is a feature that was SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED.
This part can contain any amount of text, but no blank lines.
The blank line below ends this block.

$$Feature B
Here are my comments about feature B. 
This is a feature that was NOT COMPLETELY IMPLEMENTED.
Below is an example of a feature with no description.
Notice also that the description-less feature below was successfully

%%Feature L

%%Feature M
Here is another successfully-implemented feature.
Observe that I have listed the features in order.
You should do the same.

$$Feature N
Here is another feature that we tried on, but did not
complete. By the way, please don't include any extra
percent or dollar signs. Don't try to break my script.
Just try to break your classmate's code that you test.