IC 210 Fall 2020

IC 210: Introduction to Computer Science


This is the website of IC 210 for the Fall 2020 semester. Follow the links above for more information. (You might want to start with the course policy statement and then take a look at the calendar.)

MGSP Calendar

We will have MGSP sessions most nights of the week. The calendar (including web meeting links) is available at this URL.

Laptop setup and software installs

This is the first thing you need to do. Go here and follow the instructions. Contact your instructor or an MGSP leader if you run into any trouble.

Google Groups Forum

We will use a Google Groups forum to manage announcements and discussions for the class. This forum should be displayed in the frame below, if you are logged into your USNA account. Students enrolled in the class will be automatically added to the group and receive emails; here is a link to the web interface where you can scroll through past announcements and questions.