Project 2 keys and secret messsages

As a reminder, everyone is expected to decrypt their own message and submit it along with the normal project 2 submission. You also need to encrypt a message to me with my public key: roche-pubkey.txt.

The competition involves attempting to crack and decrypt my secret messages to your classmates. If you are able to decrypt any of the secret messages below, send Dr. Roche and email containing (1) the secret message that you decrypted, and (2) a brief statement of how you did it (just out of interest). This webpage will be updated as more and more keys and private messages get cracked.

Good luck and have fun!

Uncracked keys and messages

NamePublic keySecret message
barabin barabin-pubkey.txt barabin-message.txt
bohannon bohannon-pubkey.txt bohannon-message.txt
bowen bowen-pubkey.txt bowen-message.txt
brown brown-pubkey.txt brown-message.txt
budzitowski budzitowski-pubkey.txt budzitowski-message.txt
calnan calnan-pubkey.txt calnan-message.txt
fleming fleming-pubkey.txt fleming-message.txt
graveline graveline-pubkey.txt graveline-message.txt
khochtali khochtali-pubkey.txt khochtali-message.txt
markel markel-pubkey.txt markel-message.txt
nohre nohre-pubkey.txt nohre-message.txt
tian tian-pubkey.txt tian-message.txt
watt watt-pubkey.txt watt-message.txt

Already-cracked keys and messages

NamePublic keySecret message
arrambide arrambide-pubkey.txt arrambide-message.txt
garza garza-pubkey.txt garza-message.txt
genco genco-pubkey.txt genco-message.txt
hawkins hawkins-pubkey.txt hawkins-message.txt
hudson hudson-pubkey.txt hudson-message.txt
kanth kanth-pubkey.txt kanth-message.txt
kelley kelley-pubkey.txt kelley-message.txt
klouda klouda-pubkey.txt klouda-message.txt
leszczynski leszczynski-pubkey.txt leszczynski-message.txt
mason mason-pubkey.txt mason-message.txt
mcdougall mcdougall-pubkey.txt mcdougall-message.txt
moll moll-pubkey.txt moll-message.txt
morrow morrow-pubkey.txt morrow-message.txt
moyle moyle-pubkey.txt moyle-message.txt
obrien obrien-pubkey.txt obrien-message.txt
oshiro oshiro-pubkey.txt oshiro-message.txt
remy remy-pubkey.txt remy-message.txt
sayre sayre-pubkey.txt sayre-message.txt
smith smith-pubkey.txt smith-message.txt
stallard stallard-pubkey.txt stallard-message.txt
verhulst verhulst-pubkey.txt verhulst-message.txt
vernon vernon-pubkey.txt vernon-message.txt
yang yang-pubkey.txt yang-message.txt
zack zack-pubkey.txt zack-message.txt