Midterm Exam Study Guide

This is the archived website of SI 335 from the Spring 2015 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.

This exam will cover the material of Units 1 through 4, except for dynamic programming (the very end of Unit 4).

The following list is meant as a rough guide; it is not necessarily exhaustive! Anything we covered in class or in the notes is fair game for the exam.

(But mostly, if you're solid with what's on this list, you're going to be in good shape.)


You should have a solid understanding of the meaning and uses of the following concepts


You should know the following techniquesand be able to apply them:


You should be very familiar the following algorithms, including their analysis and how to apply them:

  • Matrix addition and subtraction
  • Matrix multiplication

    • Standard algorithm
  • You should also be familiar with what these algorithms do, how they work, and and how much they cost, although you don't need to remember every detail: