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Problem 44

Go to a math talk

Due: February 23
Points: 5

The USNA math department is hosting a talk that seems like it will be nicely related to our class. Here are the details:

The 7th Annual Julian Clancy Frazier Mathematics Colloquium

  • Speaker: Professor Amie Wilkinson (Univ. of Chicago)
  • Title: What are the Odds?
  • Date: Thursday, 11-February-2016
  • Time: 1930-2030
  • Location: Rickover 102

To earn your whopping 5 points for this problem, you have to actually go to the talk, and then turn in answers/responses to the following on paper. I just need a sentence or two for each question.

  1. Did you go to the talk?
  2. What is something that you found particularly interesting or relevant to this class?
  3. In this class, I am frequently asking all of you to explain your technical problem solutions to your classmates. What is one thing that Prof. Wilkinson did to make the technical content of her talk more understandable or to engage the audience?
  4. What's one question you wanted to ask after the talk? (Yes, you have to come up with a good question.)