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Problem 78

Learn about a crypto PRNG

Due: April 12
Points: 1-2

Look up a PRNG that is considered cryptographically secure, such as Blum-Blum-Shub, Blum-Micali, Yarrow, or Fortuna.

Using at least two sources that you document, tell me about the most interesting features of this PRNG, such as:

  • Is it actually used in practice? If so, where?
  • Is it based on number theory (like RSA type computations) or on block ciphers (such as DES or AES)?
  • How does it compare to the non-cryptographic PRNGs we have studied, in terms of speed, period, and state size?

You don't have to write more than one or two sentences to answer each question; I don't need a long essay for this unless you find something really interesting.

1 point bonus if you learn about a PRNG that no one else picks.