This is the archived website of SI 486H from the Spring 2016 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.

Problem 92

ORAM simulator webpage

Due: April 26
Points: 5

Make a website that does a cool "live demo" of one of the ORAMs we learned about in class, either the Square Root ORAM or the Path ORAM.

You should pre-assign the value of the total memory size to \(n=64\) and draw the diagram of stash and memory accordingly for your ORAM.

There should be some space for the user to type in a value that they want to look-up or insert or modify, and then they click a button to perform that operation. This should result in the visualization of the data structure getting updated accordingly.

You can implement your awesome demo on the client-side using Javascript, or on the server-side using Python, Perl, PHP, or whatever you like. You should all have space available on to make this website.

Submit the URL of your website via email with the subject line "SI486H Problem 092".