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Problem 94

MIDN Burmeister Trident presentation

Due: May 3
Points: 3

For class on Friday, April 29, we will be going to MIDN Burmeister's trident scholar presentation at 1330 in Rickover 103. Your attendance is required, but this problem is optional.

Give a short (1-2 sentences) answer to each of the following questions, based on what you learned during the talk.

  1. What problem or problems were they trying to solve in this research? (In other words, what was previously not possible or not good enough, that is now?)

  2. How did they demonstrate that they had made progress on this problem?

  3. To demonstrate that you understand the scope of what they did, give one example of a situation where their solution would not be useful compared to other approaches.

  4. Write down one (good) question you had for the presenter.