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This is the archived website of SI 204 from the Spring 2017 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.

Homework 36: C++ I/O, string, and vectors

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  • Due before class on Monday, April 24
  • This homework contains code to be submitted electronically. Put your code in a folder called hw36 and submit using the 204sub command.
  • This is an electronic homework and you do not need to print out anything to turn in during class.


  1. Required reading: Sections 6 (I/O) and 7 (String and Vector) from the Unit 10 notes.
  2. Write a C++ program called longword.cpp that reads in strings until the user types "STOP", and then reports the longest string that was entered.

    You should use the C++ libraries <iostream>, <string>, and <vector>, and must not use any of that old C stuff like scanf or char arrays. (Note, it is possible to solve this problem without using any arrays or vectors, but I really want you to use a vector of strings anyway to get the practice.)

    Example runs:

    roche@ubuntu$ ./longword
    Enter words and then STOP:
    hello darkness my old friend STOP
    The longest word is darkness
    roche@ubuntu$ ./longword
    Enter words and then STOP:
    i've come to talk with you again STOP
    The longest word is again