Minutes and Seconds

Read in a time in seconds which will be input in
the form:  

     Time Elapsed 3112 Seconds

The number of seconds will always be a whole number.
Your program should write out the elapsed time in
minutes and seconds.

1) Remember that the "%" operator computes the 
2) If s is a cstring, readstring(s,stdin) skips 
   leading whitespace, then reads into the string all
   characters up to the next whitespace character.
#include "si204.h"

int main() {
  // read input
  cstring junk;
  readstring(junk, stdin); // reads the word "Time"
  readstring(junk, stdin); // reads the word "Elapsed"
  int t = readnum(stdin); // t is the total seconds
  // compute minutes and seconds
  int m, s;
  s = t % 60;
  m = t / 60;

  // write out result
  fputs("Time Elapsed ", stdout);
  writenum(m, stdout);
  fputs(" minutes and ", stdout);
  writenum(s, stdout);
  fputs(" seconds\n", stdout);

  return 0;