USNA Computer Science


An Associate Professor at the United States Naval Academy, I am interested in machine learning, particularly in reinforcement learning and distributed optimization.

Any midshipman interested in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, or Robotics should speak with me; it is likely we could explore some interesting research topics.

Aside from my research, I have a deep interest in teaching and Computer Science education.

I am a co-director of the USNA's Center for High Performance Computing Education and Research.

Contact Information

Email: taylor at
Office: MI-355
Office Phone: 410/293-6816
PGP Fingerprint: BA8F 5FB9 1AE9 BBDD EA28 0F0E 68FF 3C18 DC44 0D5A

Research and Publications


I am interested in the development and application of value function approximation for Reinforcement Learning. Interesting applications I am exploring include the use of value function information in human performance analysis, human-supervised autonomy, and anomaly detection in autonomous systems.

I am also interested in function optimization for large data sets in HPC systems, with an eye towards using large neural nets to generate useful features for reinforcement learning.

I am a co-director of the USNA's Center for High Performance Computing Education and Research.

Curriculum Vitae

Conference Papers

* Midshipman co-author

Workshop Papers



Current Courses
SI486L: Machine Learning and Data Science
IC211: Object-Oriented Programming

Past Courses
SI486/496: Machine Learning (S17, S15, S14, S13)
SI475: Intelligent Robotics (S17, S14, S13)
SI492: Trident Scholar (F/S16)
IC312: Data Structures (F19 F14 F13)
SY301: Data Structures for Cybersecurity (F16, F15)
IC211: Object-Oriented Programming (S12)
IC210/SI204: Introduction to Computer Programming (F17, S16, S12)
SI110: Cybersecurity I (S15)


This calendar is provided to ease the scheduling of EI and advising appointments.

The best way to make an appointment with me is to find a time not marked busy on this calendar which works for you, and e-mail me.

Wednesdays are my "research day," and I try to keep them relatively distraction free. However, if you need EI, you are welcome to ask for a time on Wednesday.