2D Kinematics Homework

Write a program in Python, using NumPy, to perform kinematics on a 2-dimensional arm, like we did in class. It should work for any number of joints. Below is an example run, given the data from our in-class example:

taylor@kurt:~/zee/si475/kinematics$ python 2dkinematics.py 
How many joints? 2
Angle in radians? .785
Length of link? 5
Angle in radians? -.524
Length of link? 3
The end of the arm is at ( 6.43533858913 , 4.30826634503 )
The angle from the X-axis is 0.261


Do your coding in a git repo named 2DLastname1Lastname2 (where Lastname1 and Lastname2 map to the last names of the partners in the group). When you create the repo, make sure you put it in your section's group (either 1st or 3rd), and make sure you add-commit-push when you're done.