Color Recognition Project - Due 2/27

Something I think we all want for our projects is for our robots to get us a beer. In the lab are cans of two different kinds of beers. Your robot should spin in place until it locates either kind of beer, and then drive towards it, ultimately making contact (if our turtlebots had arms, we could extend the scenario a little, but, alas).

To do this, you'll want to take some pictures of the cans so that you can open them in GIMP. Start by using your robot's getImage() function to get an image, then use cv2.imwrite() to save it to disk. Make sure to get pictures in different brightnesses, from different angles, etc.

Once you've saved some pictures, open them in GIMP. Then use the eyedropper tool (click the eyedropper, then click "Use info window") to get the HSV values. Convert to the 255,255,255 scale that OpenCV uses. Then use the inRange function as illustrated in the Cameras and Color notes.