A Python Intro/Refresher, due 1/11

The purpose of this homework is just to make you learn/remember the basics of Python 2.7 control structures and classes - the actual problem is trivial. It also makes you practice creating a Git repository and using it turn in assignments.

Create a Git repository, which is accessible to all members of your group, called first*, that is, the name must start with first, and then have a suffix of your choosing. Instructions for doing this can be found here.

Clone the repository to a machine. Put all your work for this homework within this repository.

Part 1: In a file called hw.py, write a function called sortFunc which accepts three floats and returns a list with the ceilings of the three numbers in sorted order, casted to ints. Do not call Python's build in sort function. DO call Python's ceil() function in the math module.

Your file should also have a main block so that running it results in exactly this output (it should work properly for any numerical input):

taylor@kurt:~/zee/test$ python hw.py 
Num 1: 10
Num 2: 1
Num 3: 4.3
The ceilings of those numbers sorted are: [1, 5, 10]

Part 2: In a file called myModule.py, create a class called MyClass. This class should have:

Here's an example of this class in use from the interpreter:

taylor@kurt:~/zee/test$ python
Python 2.7.6 (default, Jun 22 2015, 17:58:13) 
[GCC 4.8.2] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from myModule import MyClass
>>> myC = MyClass([1,2,3,4])
>>> myC.odds()
[2, 4]
>>> myC.oddsPlusC(3)
[5, 7]
>>> myC.odds()
[2, 4]

After you've thoroughly tested both files, push them to the repository (using the 3-step add,commit,push process).