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Current Courses
SI204: Introduction to Computer Programming

Past Courses
SI470: Machine Learning and Data Science (F22, S22, F21, S20, S19, S17, S15, S14, S13)
SI475: Intelligent Robotics (S21, S17, S14, S13)
SI492: Trident Scholar (F/S16, F/S21)
IC312: Data Structures (F20, F19, F14, F13)
SY301: Data Structures for Cybersecurity (F16, F15)
SM286D: Python for OR Majors (F21)
IC211: Object-Oriented Programming (S19, S12)
IC210/SI204: Introduction to Computer Programming (F22, S22, S20, F17, S16, S12)
SI110: Cybersecurity I (S15)