SI472 - Theory of Computing
Dr. Christopher W. Brown

Course Goals

Program Outcomes
Students should be able to discuss the theoretical and mathematical foundations of computer science.

Associate Professor Christopher W. Brown,

Theory of Computing: A Gentle Introduction, Kinber & Smith, Prentice Hall, 2001.

Extra Instruction
You are encouraged to come in for extra instruction (EI) when you are having trouble. EI can be scheduled in advance, or you can drop by and, if I am available, I'll help you. I'm willing to try and answer questions via e-mail, but for many problems face-to-face is more appropriate, so my response to an e-mail question may be "Come in and see me."

The break-down on your final grades will be:

Mid-semester grades for the 6-Week and 12-Week marking periods will be calculated by giving 70% weight to exam grades and 20% weight to quiz grades, and 10% weight to homework grades for the exams/quizzes/homeworks completed up to that point. Any changes to the grading policy will be announced in class and be reflected by changes in this document.

You may collaborate as much as you like on homeworks, but the actual pencil-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard effort must be your own. All work on exams and quizzes should be your own, unless otherwise specified by me.

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