SI340 - Theory of Computing, Fall 2011 (AY12)
Policy v1.0
Dr. Christopher W. Brown, Coordinator

Associate Professor Christopher W. Brown,
Captain Pedro Ortiz,

Text (Recommended)
Theory of Computing: A Gentle Introduction, Kinber & Smith, Prentice Hall, 2001.

Extra Instruction
You are strongly encouraged to come in for extra instruction (EI) when you are having trouble. How to schedule EI will be explained by your instructor on the first day of class, but you can always e-mail, call, or even just stop by to work out a time.

The break-down on your final grades will be:

Mid-semester grades for the 6-Week and 12-Week marking periods will be calculated by giving 80% weight to exam grades and 20% weight to homework grades for the exams/homeworks completed up to that point. Any changes to the grading policy will be announced in class and be reflected by changes in this document.

You may collaborate as much as you like on homeworks, but the actual pencil-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard effort must be your own. All work on exams must be your own.

Learning Objectives - Course goals

Program Outcomes - Goals for the whole major to which this course contributes

Section Leader
The duties of the section leader include:

Classroom Decorum
Beverages are permitted in classrooms and labs provided they are in closed containers. No food is permitted in classrooms or labs.

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Christopher W. Brown / Associate Professor / Course Coordinator Steve Miner / Professor / Department Chair