SI340 JFLAP Resources

What is JFLAP?
JFLAP is a tool for visualizing and experimenting with various computational models, including those we'll be using in our class. It is produced by Associate Professor Susan H. Rodger at Duke Univeristy.
Running JFLAP from a unix lab machine
To launch JFLAP from one of the unix lab machines, just type
at the command line.
Running JFLAP from your PC in Bancroft
To run JFLAP on your PC you need two things: the Java virtual machine and the JFLAP program (a file JFLAP.jar).
  1. If you don't have a java virtual machine, get one. Of course you should all have this!
  2. Install JFLAP. Choose Get JFLAP from the menu at, and follow the directions there.
  3. Run JFLAP. to run JFLAP you go to Start -> Run... and type java -jar "C:\Documents and Settings\JFLAP.jar" in the box that pops up. Obviously, if you saved JFLAP.jar somewhere else, you'll use that path.