1. Install VMPlayer
    1. Go to LCDR Kenny's software page and download the file IC210-LiveCD.iso linked on that page.
    2. Follow the directions there to download VMPlayer (see Note 1) and and to set up VMPlayer on your Windows Laptop (see Note 2). These directions will create a Virtual Machine (VM) image on your computer from the .iso file. This VM image will live on your Windows laptop, and you will be able to run it whenever you need a Unix machine to work on.
    3. Important: A few tips for using your VM:
      • ctrl-alt-esc gets you back your cursor if its "stuck" in the VM
      • ctrl-alt-enter toggles back and forth between fullscreen mode
Note: For this assignment only, there is nothing to turn in. However, you will need to bring your laptop to class Wednesday to demonstrate that the VM is working (and learn a few things about it too).