Your homework is to do a practice practicum problem. Your practicum exam will typically consist of three problems to be done over the course of 110 minutes. These problems have to be done by you with no help from anyone at all — not even from your instructor. To gauge how ready you are for that experience, you will do one practicum problem as a homework assignment. You must replicate the real environment by giving yourself 40 minutes (no more!) of uninterrupted time and undivided attention to devote to solving this problem. You must not look for any help, guidance or resources outside of the course homepage. Regardless of whether or not you are finished after the 40 minutes, submit what you have following the submission instructions.

Note: because the focus here is on you getting a good evaluation of your preparedness for the practicum exam, you will not be graded on the quality of your solution, only on whether or not you submitted a solution.

Practice Practicum Problem

Submission Submit electronically as described in the practice practicum writeup. Also, print out this page, fill in the below, and submit to your instructor at the beginning of the next lesson.

Name: ____________________________________________________ Alpha: _____________________

Check which describes you best:
□ I finished within 40 minutes, confident my solution is completely correct
□ I finished within 40 minutes, not confident my solution is completely correct
□ I could not produce a solution within 40 minutes
□ I didn't do this assignment