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Problem 1

Draw the diagram of the nondeterministic finite automaton defined by the following 5-tuple:

({0,1,2,3}, {a,b,c}, {(0,a,0), (0,b,0), (0,c,0), (0,a,1), (0,λ,2), (1,b,0), (1,c,0), (2,a,2), (2,b,2), (2,c,2), (2,b,3), (3,a,2), (3,c,2)}, 0, {2,3})


Problem 2

Draw the 5-tuple representing the following machine:


Problem 3

Draw a nondeterministic finite automtaton that accepts the language of all strings over alphabet {a,b,c} that contain the substring caab. For example, bacabcaabba would be accepted wheras acaacab would be rejected.